Frequently Asked Questions

The Benefits of a Catered4 System

What do I get when I buy the Catered4 business system?

A complete business management system which collects data when your clients create a menu and select food & other items you sell on your web site automatically collating that data and using it to generate your reports helping you seamlessly facilitate functions & events.

How can Catered4 help me grow my business?

Catered4 provides an extremely efficient platform that enables you to handle many times more functions using your existing resources. Our Catered4 system has been proven to increase productivity, reduce stress and generate higher profits helping make you & your business succeed.

What support does Catered4 provide?

Catered4 provides ongoing online support through our online support manual, Troubleshooting Guide and Knowledge-based articles located in your Caterered4 content management system.

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The Catered4 System

Can I log & keep track of calls from my clients in the system?

Absolutely! The Catered4 System comes with an inbuilt Customer Resource Management system (CRM). Keep track of not only your client’s calls and contact details, but locate all their upcoming and past functions with a click of your mouse.

How do the staff reports work if I use a staffing agency?

The staff report is a cloud based pdf which means it super easy to send a report to anyone by simply copying the URL into an email or text message. Alternatively, you may want to set up an agency as a ‘staff member’, just like your in-house staff, and invite them to functions through your CMS enabling you to keep track of agency staff along with all your other staff.

I already have a website. Do I need to use the supplied website to use the Catered4 system?

No, no, no! A unique feature of the Catered4 system is that our booking engine can be completely integrated into your existing web site.

Can I have the Catered4 ‘Event Builder’ booking engine tailored to my website design?

Yes…no problem! Your Catered4 system can be completely branded and tailored to look just like any of your existing web site pages.

Will I be able to import my current business data into my Catered4 system?

Yes, absolutely! We can assist you with this as well no problem.

Does Catered4 handle dietary requirements for individual functions and clients?

Most definitely! You can let your clients know which of your menu items are gluten free, dairy free or that meet other dietary needs. As well as keep track of your client’s specific dietary needs for their function so all your staff be-it event coordinator, chef or floor staff know your client’s precise requirements.

Catered4 System Front-End Website

Can I tailor the Catered4 ‘Event Builder’ booking engine to my own design?

You sure can! Customise with your business logo, colours and current branding. All from within the system using our in-built WordPress Website Builder.

Prefer to have us set-it up for you? Contact us to discuss our individually tailored Website Packages.

I already have a website. Can I still use the Catered4 system if I don’t use the supplied website?

Definitely! Our unique ‘Event Builder’ booking engine has been designed to integrate with any website.

The supplied website doesn’t suit all my needs. Do you offer website design services too?

We can certainly help you! Contact us to discuss our individually tailored Website Packages.

Can I import my data from a .csv file into my Catered4 system?

Yes, absolutely! We can assist you with this as well no problem.

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