Frequently Asked Questions

The Benefits of Catered4

What do I get when I buy the Catered4 business system?

A complete business management system which uses data collected when your clients create a menu, select food & other items you sell and submits online for your approval. Complete control & increased ability to facilitate multiple functions at the same time.

How can Catered4 help me grow my business?

Catered4 provides an extremely efficient platform that enables you to handle many more functions using your existing resources. Our Catered4 system has been proven to increase productivity, reduce stress and generate higher profits helping make you & your business succeed.

What support does Catered4 provide?

Catered4 provides ongoing online support through our online support manual, Troubleshooting Guide and Knowledge-based articles located in your Caterered4 content management system.

If you cannot find an answer to your query, then email our Helpdesk

The Catered4 System

I already have a website. Can I integrate this into our website?

Absolutely YES! A unique feature of the Catered4 system is that our booking engine can be completely integrated into your existing web site.

How do I send my staff the clients menu and details of their event?

The menu, location & other details of each event is automatically available to each staff member you invite to work through your ‘Functions’ module.  Your staff are also able to Accept or Decline events when invited. Colour tags indicate when the full staff allocation for each function has been achieved.

Will I be able to import my current business data into my Catered4 system?

Yes, absolutely! We can assist you with this as well no problem.

Does Catered4 handle dietary requirements for individual functions and clients?

Most definitely! Your clients will know which of your menu items are gluten free, dairy free or that meet other dietary needs. As well as keep track of your client’s specific dietary needs for their function so all your staff be-it event coordinator, chef or floor staff know your client’s precise requirements.

Can I log & keep track of calls from my clients in the system?

Absolutely! The Catered4 System comes with an inbuilt Customer Resource Management system (CRM). Keep track of not only your client’s calls and contact details, but locate all their upcoming and past functions with a click of your mouse.

Catered4 Event-Builder Engine

Can I tailor the Catered4 ‘Event Builder’ booking engine to my own design?

You sure can! Customise with your business logo, colours and current branding. All from within the system using our in-built WordPress Website Builder.

Prefer to have us set-it up for you? Contact us to discuss our individually tailored Website Packages.

Can I integrate the Catered4 system into my web site for clients to use?

Definitely! Our unique ‘Event Builder’ booking engine has been designed to integrate with any website. This is a simple process and the coding for your Event-Builder engine can be provided.

How do I get my data imported into my Catered4 system?

This is easily done using your back-end content management system. You will have your own Customer, Ingredient, Inventory, Supplier, Menus and Functions module each bringing together a system designed to help your business thrive. We will walk with you through this process no problem.

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