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Why choose Catered4?

Create instant quotes

Send clients an instant quote using your own customised website ‘Event Builder’ engine. You can even integrate this into your business website so visitors can create their own menu & receive an instant quote.

Offer Event Packages

Tailor Event Packages containing Menus for various function types – weddings, celebrations, corporate, wakes. Event Packages show in your ‘Event Builder’ engine to use for quoting or for clients to select on your website.

Create Menus

Create menus with food & other items with prices that your clients can choose and customise via your website ‘Event Builder’ engine. Edit menu items at any time.

Print Reports

Generate reports – Supplier Orders, Equipment Items, Food Item packing sheet & ToDo lists – for single or multiple functions. Keep it simple for you & your staff, never forget equipment or ingredients again!

Manage Functions

Manage client functions, change and add menu items, adjust quantities, edit event information, add comments. Send email & or text invites for staff to work at functions and confirm their attendance.

Manage Inventory

Add and edit your own delicious food creations, assign ingredients, create sell quantities, MOQ, pricing and mark-up, description & image. Add your own ingredients to the standard list provided, create & assign suppliers.

Organise Equipment

Add and edit your own equipment to the standard list provided, add an image, storage bin locations and even assign food items that use that equipment.

Manage Clients

View and edit clients contact details, update or change their password. Record date and time of phone calls with clients, and note down points of discussion.

Manage Finances

Collect & manage credit card payments or record manually per function. Add and edit discount milestones that can be automatically applied to menus and courses and calculated by the number of guests. Create promo codes for discounts.

What Caterers are saying about Catered4

"Using the Catered4 catering management system has transformed the way we manage our clients events. From initial contact with our clients, to ordering ingredients and using the reports right through to facilitating the event itself. The management system is a winner and saves us a huge amount of time, not to mention our ability now to cater more events, at the same time, all without the mistakes. Love it!"

Bronwyn Nuss, Independent Chef

“I love the automated staff invitation system because it makes me seem way more professional and organised when dealing with staff. I would highly recommend the Catered4 system to any catering business!!”

Angela Nahas, Faces Of Food

"Catered4 allows three times more space for preparation processes, saving us huge amounts of time. The Reports are all automated, adjusting to what the client chose on their menu… so I just print and go."

Sam Burbury, Chef

"Catered4 system has enabled our business to facilitate up to 10 functions without the expected additional pressure on staff or our kitchen. I would highly recommend to any catering or equipment hire company wanting to streamline their business.

Richard, Helen's Catering

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